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Nov 10, 2017

There are some commonalities sewn into the foundation of the human experience:

we are all subject changes we’d rather not be subject to, we all have the capacity to love and to hate, we all suffer and we all desire freedom from suffering, we are all born and we will all die and furthermore so will everyone we know and care for.

Today’s guest is a man with a propensity to contemplate big questions around dying and a long history of being on the front lines of what he calls “the death trade”.

Welcome, Stephen Jenkinson to Adventures Through The Mind.


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Episode Breakdown

  • A society gone wrong.
  • A case for wisdom.
  • What it means to die well.
  • Designer dying, euthanasia, and choosing not to die at all.
  • What your dying means beyond you.
  • Our greatest fears around dying.
  • Looking back to move forward.
  • Grief is not to be mastered.
  • The nature of mystery, and things mysterious, and the end of good luck.
  • Choosing to die hope-free.