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Oct 30, 2018

*Halloween Special 2018*
May Leitz from the Nyx Fears youtube channel joins on the show to talk about why we watch horror films, what personality traits lead us to different styles of horror, our culture's tendencies towards the extreme (such as American 'torture porn'), and the traumatic potential of the modern,...

Oct 26, 2018

Jean Robertson joins us to deconstruct the relationship models of the modern world and offer us insight on what humanity might look like if we were to evolve into a post-judgement, collaborative culture.

Get links to Jean's work, read the full blog entry for this episode and/or watch this interview in video here:

Oct 12, 2018

In this episode, Christopher Bache and I explore the research and exploration that underpins Diamonds from Heaven: a twenty-year journey into 70+ high dose LSD experiences done with the explicit intent to map Consciousness.

We talk about why Bache chose this path, what it was like, and what here learned from it all...