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Jan 18, 2019

In this (on-location) interview, Darren Springer talks about the ancient history of pan-African psychedelic use and travels forwards through time along the wings of mythology until the myths dissolve into the harsh reality of slavery, racism, and neighbourhoods infused with violence. It is grounded in this reality that Darren shares with us the potential of psychedelics (psilocybin mushrooms in particular) for the healing of historical trauma and the revitalization of black communities in the UK.

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- Where we are
- Darren’s journey into the pan-African use of psychedelic mushrooms
- Going back into the earliest people of Africa and the great mushroom creation story
- The ancient use of mushrooms in Africa
- The historical role of women in African power plants
- The mixing of stories back through history.
- Egypt, Babylon, and Jesus; a mushroom.
- The role of psychedelic/power plants for black communities in England
- Psychedelics and the trauma of 500 years of slavery (post-traumatic slave syndrome)
- The challenge of re-introducing power plants to modern black communities in England.
- The qualities mushrooms awaken, and their potential for social healing.
- The power of letting go


Featured image for this episode is a modified version of 'BASSE LOVE' by Chor Boogie, used with his permission. Check out his art. It is incredible.


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