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Feb 16, 2018

Our guest is Elizabeth Bast!

She is on the show to talk about her journey as a tantric practitioner and explore the potentials of a sexually empowered spiritual practice.

We also talk about sexual consumerism; porn; toxic shame; #metoo; the historical use of entheogenic plants in yogic practice; and the (somewhat controversial) archetype of the sacred prostitute.

*** See below for full episode breakdown.
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Episode Breakdown:

- The lack of representation of women in psychedelic culture.
- The importance of different ways of knowing.
- Unpacking the medical diagnosis of psychosis and delusion in regards to psychedelic experiences.
- The purpose of yoga and the role of sexuality within it.
- A tantric perspective on sexual energy (kundalini) and how it influences the mind.
- Bast’s dance journey into Tantra.
- Descriptions of “dakini” and “sacred prostitute.”
- Sacred sex work and the dangers of modern culture's sex imitations (porn).
- The effect of pornography on one’s capacity for profound sexual encounters.
- Finding a sexual teacher.
- Sexual shame and popular culture.
- The historical use psychoactive plants in yoga.
- The modern use of psychoactive plants and substances in spiritual practice.
- Lessons on sexual relationships from Iboga.
- Bast’s prognosis of modern Western society’s sexual dysfunction — sexual consumerism, toxic shame, and lack of wise sexual education.
- The role of sexual repression/shame in sexual assault; discussing #metoo, #Ididit, and healing social and personal sexual trauma.
- Healthy vulnerability vs playing the victim.
- Practical steps and caution for starting a sacred relationship to sexuality.

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