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Feb 12, 2021

Charley Wininger, author of Listening To Ecstacy: The Transformative Power of MDMA, joins us to talk about MDMA for couples, as well as MDMA for personal healing, spiritual awakening, and staying connected to the joy of being alive as we age into the winter years of our lives. Of course, MDMA comes with certain risks, and we talk about that too.

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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • MDMA for couples / MDMA in our aging time
  • How this interview came into existence
  • The history of MDMA, MDMA for couples, and MDMA's prohibition
  • Rediscovering MDMA at 50 years old
  • The benefits of MDMA for the individual
  • MDMA is the chemical of connection
  • Accessing profound self-love, and how it changes you
  • Transforming one’s relationship to their body with MDMA
  • The benefits of MDMA for romantic partnerships
  • Using MDMA for couples therapy
  • The power of deep love and safety in resolving long-standing relationships conflicts
  • We all have these little dark secrets that we’ll be rejected if known
  • The importance of being careful with who you take MDMA with
  • How a cult of two collapses a relationship
  • How our relationship fail when we forget generosity and gratitude within it - and how MDMA helps remind us
  • The profound value of touch
  • MDMA is sensual, not necessarily sexual (but cannabis helps)
  • How reconnecting with the loving vulnerability between you and your partner can reawaken sexual intimacy
  • WARNING: MDMA within abusive relationships might make things worst
  • Taking MDMA as a senior citizen
  • The danger of taking MDMA as an older person
  • Losing the magic – Can taking a lower dose of MDMA help to bring the magic back?
  • Integration: A different way of understanding the MDMA hangover
  • The pain of using MDMA to open your heart.
  • What does aging offer us; what does it take away; where does MDMA fit in the process
  • The disadvantages of aging vs internalized ageism
  • How MDMA has impacted Wininger’s relationship to death and dying
  • Bridging the age apartheid with MDMA and the rave scene
  • You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone; learning how important our relationships are before death ends them
  • The most important lesson MDMA has to teach us during the troubled times we are in
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