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Jul 6, 2018

Selen Atasoy PhD and her team have developed a new model for interpreting fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) data based on the mathematics of harmonic waves a phenomenon ubiquitous in nature. Essentially, they have developed a way to 'decompose' brain states in the same vein as how we can decompose a musical piece down to its individual notes. They call is connectome-harmonic decomposition and have applied this approach to the fMRI data of the brain on LSD.

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  • PTSD, genetics, and susceptibility to alcoholism
  • The false dichotomy of nature vs nurture and body vs mind
  • Atasoy’s research of altered states and the connectome-harmonics model
  • fMRI research, it’s changed over time and how connectome-harmonics is a different approach
  • resting state networks, e.g. the default mode network
  • Harmonic waves, natural frequencies, standing waves and cymatics.
  • Applying the cymatics model to the fMRI data
  • Harmonic ‘decomposition’ of fMRI data, analogous to decomposing music into individual notes
  • What did they learn about looking at LSD brain states from the connectome-harmonic model
  • LSD increases the complexity of the brain
  • An explanation of the concept of ’Criticality’ in regards to brain-states, in particular to LSD and psychedelics in the treatment of mental disorders
  • Possible links between psychedelics and neuroplasticity
  • The possible connections between harmonic analysis of the brain and the spiritual concepts of reality as an energetic system
  • The importance of having an open, but critical mind when conducting science
  • Exploring the impact of light/sound frequencies (such as music, mantras, or binaural beats) to alter brain states.
  • Can we, theoretically, recreate psychedelic states with light and sound? Or recreate psychedelic brain-state harmonics into music?
  • Can harmonic frequencies at the basis of reality be the primary influence behind the morphogenesis of flora and fauna?
  • Can the standing waves and frequencies of physical environments influence subjective brain states through brainwave entrainment?