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Apr 9, 2021

“Where do the Australian psychoactive acacia species fit into the contemporary, local psychedelic scene, and how does interaction with these species inform a deeper connection to this land and its dreaming?”

That's the question we are discussing in this episode of the podcast, psychedelic cafe #5.

We talk about the history, pharmacology, and phenomenology of drinking the psychedelic acacia trees of Australia. As well as their conservation, challenges of learning there being no known history of their ceremonial use, and the complications of using them in the context of colonialism.

We also talk about plant intelligence, interspecies communication, and encounters with “the unseen realm” of spirits that exist beyond the human mind.

Our Guests For This Episode:

  • Nick Sun
  • Jef Baker
  • Rohan B.
  • Dr. Liam Engel
  • Julian Palmer

For links to our guests' bios and work, full show notes, and to watch this episode in video, head to

***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • Communicating with psychedelic acacia trees of Australia
  • Connecting to the spirit of the land
  • A growing language between humans and the acacia
  • Conservation of Acacia in the face of wild harvesting
  • The modern cultural context of acacia drinkers
  • Australian Psychedelic Acacia spirituality is an unexplored area of psychedelic anthropology
  • Acacia species that are orally active without separate MAOIs?
  • Psychedelic alkaloids in Acacia other than nn, DMT—e.g. NMT, 5-MeO-DMT, and other undiscovered alkaloids
  • Why plants produce alkaloids (beyond survival)
  • Experiential differences between psychedelic acacias
  • problems and concerns for conversation and preservation
  • DMT and Acacia general usage patterns in Western Australia
  • Ask not what the plant can do for you, but what you can do for the plant
  • Finding a sustainable commercial source for  the psychedelic acacia trees of australia
  • The complexity of drinking acacia in the context of colonialism
  • Will drinking the plants reconnect us with the land
  • Asking for permission
  • Learning the plants and how to take them with integrity without a culture to guide us
  • Psychedelic encounters with spirits — DMT, acacia, and “the unseen realm”
  • You can’t just chalk entity experiences up to 'just a trip'
  • All non-human life has intrinsic value
  • Grow plants
  • Existence is just a joke but you have to take it seriously or it isn’t funny
  • Learn to en-joy
  • The message DMT is attempting to give humanity
  • Different plants from different lands, consumed on different lands, invite different insight
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