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Dec 31, 2021

Sky Otter (Bill Pfeiffer) joins us to talk about Deep Ecology, the problematic place we are in as a planet, and the profound healing potential still available to us, personally and collectively, through coming back into ecstatic communion and relationship with the Earth.

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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • Deep ecology, alienation, and spiritual activism
  •  The value of a spiritual connection to the earth
  • The trauma of disconnection, perpetuated
  • A civilization of misery and violence
  • Hatred against our greatest villains
  • Jeff Bezos is a hero (and a villain)
  • The profound grief of collapse; the profound miracle of being alive
  • What do we do about this? Deep Ecology
  • Skepticism and the separate-self
  • Changing our perceptual apparatus towards Connection and Mystery
  • A moving quote from John Seed
  • Finding balance in facing collapse
55 Feeling the pain of the earth; community holds the grief
  • Doing the best we can, even though it's nearly impossible
  • The role of psychedelic plants in healing our disconnection from nature
  • A ceremonial community of psychedelic practice is vital
  • Ceremonial maturity in our psychedelic practice
  • Befriending our parts through psychedelic mushrooms
  • Are psychedelics “tools”?
  • The fungi open us up to the ongoing revelation of nature.
  • Links to more of Bill/Sky’s work
  • Landscape Shamanism (course)
  • Bill’s dream for your life
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