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Aug 3, 2018

Well, this interview is not what you may assume.

It stands out in the repertoire of podcasts that have come before and are likely to go from here. That is because it isn't an interview at all, it's merely a conversation that happened off-the-cuff and just so happened to be recorded. I am releasing it because despite the diffused and tangential nature of the thing, it was fun and informative and because the guest, Patrick Kroupa is a man with much to offer, a formal interview and otherwise.

Patrick Kroupa (also known as Lord Digital, born January 20, 1969) is an American writer, hacker and activist. Kroupa was a member of the legendary Legion of Doom and Cult of the Dead Cow hacker groups and co-founded MindVox in 1991, with Bruce Fancher. He was a heroin addict from age 14 to 30 and got clean through the use of the hallucinogenic drug ibogaine. [wiki]

He is on the show this week to talk about peptides, anti-aging, and the complexities of health in the modern, toxic world.


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  • BPC-157: what the hell is that?
  • Repairing brain damage from long-term stimulate use
  • Cautions around injecting peptides - tracking reliable vendors
  • Ageing and Anti-Aging with HGH and Secretagogues
  • Reinvigorating the Sex Drive
  • Metformin
  • Big pharma and the FDA
  • Health care in Canada vs the USA
  • The smear campaign against nicotine vaping
  • Some background on the history of Oxycotin, fentanyl, and perspective heroin
  • Measuring our hormones to assess your health
  • James’ journey with the ketogenic diet (I am not longer on this diet)