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Apr 22, 2022

Brian Blomerth joins us on ATTMind to discuss his journey into drawing and comics, his artistic process, the intense journalistic research that went into both his psychedelic history graphic novels Mycelium Wassoni and Bicycle Day, the strange findings and complexities he uncovered during that research, and why making these cartoonist accounts of Psychedelic History matter to him.


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Episode Breakdown

(0:00) Opening
(2:43) Episode overture
(6:26) Patreon thanks
(8:24) Interview begins
(10:20) The history of dog people in comics
(11:29) Brian Blomerth’s inspiration and journey into cartooning
(13:26) What inspired Brian to explore psychedelics as a topic for his comics
(16:16) The role psychedelics play in Brian Blomerth’s creative and artististic journey
(17:09) Creative inspiration vs the grind in the artistic/creative process
(20:33) The research involved in the production of Mycelium Wassoni
(22:43) The easter eggs Brian has woven into the background of the art
(25:14) Brian’s experience with mushrooms before producing this book
(27:34) Exploring some history of R. Gordon and Valentina Wason
(29:25) Why Brian chose to strongly feature Valentina Wasson’s part of the story
(32:29) The strange discoveries Brian made while researching the Wasson story
(34:24) The CIA controversy with R. Gordon Wasson, psilocybin mushrooms, and the differing opinions of how it unfolded
(39:53) Some discussion around Wasson’s obsession with Soma
(42:23) A review of the bicycle day story, and what we often get around about it
(46:13) The powerful impact of couples in the psychedelic history
(47:53) Maggie and the dolphin; and other stories of dolphin love
(51:35) No person is an island
(54:50) Follow up links and contact info
(57:00) Closing




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