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Aug 27, 2021

Our guest for this episode is Stephen Jenkinson and, with him, we will wonder about wonder and inquire–with wonder–about wisdom, prejudice, language, Mystery, generational truancy, the plague, and inquiry itself.

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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***    



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Episode Breakdown

  • Inquiry, wonder, language, and the end of our days
  • Our education was a war on Mystery
  • Wonder isn't necessarily safe or good-feeling
  • We have no obligation to be ok
  • Psychedelics, MAID, and modernity
  • "We deserve an ordinary life"
  • Ambivalence, and being a “divisionary”
  • Wisdom and prejudice
  • Owning the truancy of the boomer generation
  • Fate and the gods
  • The failures of the language of loss to speak to the realities of the plague
  •  The plague is already a savagely lost opportunity
  • The nostalgia of our pre-pandemic days
  • A generation's worth
  • Doomsday and the greatest trauma implemented on the English people
  • The end of the pandemic will be only the beginning of our undoing


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