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Jul 15, 2022


This is the central question that guides the conversation you will hear today, another session in our Psychedelic Café series, where we featured a curated selection of guests to explore how "whether or not we feel connected affects everything".

We also explore the neurobiological origins of our sense of connection/disconnection with each other and how that is wrapped up in personal and collective traumas; our sense of connection with nature and the consequences that our lack of it is having on our lives and all life on this planet; as well as strategies and pathways of increasing our sense of connection with ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

We also talk about connecting with spiritual energies and our dead loved ones; ancestry in general; the importance of being able to grieve together; and the value of learning to turn towards pain.

Our Guests for this Café are: Darcia Narvaez, Robert Gilman, Rita Bozi, Charley Wininger, Jean Robertson, Sky Otter, and Sam Gandy



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Episode Breakdown

  • (5:37) Cafe begins; Introducing our guests
  • (12:00) Introducing the question “Why does our sense of connection matter?”
  • (26:58) Whether we feel connected or not affects everything
  • (29:42) The neurobiological origins of our sense of connection/disconnection
  • (31:36) The path out of early life trauma - our birthright is to live in a safe healthy state — learning to lift ourselves and each other out of trauma
  • (35:22) A brighter future is available to us through our reconnection with our origins
  • (38:24) Wondering about connection forged through war/displacement-based trauma
  • (40:40) Various ways/techniques that we come back into connection
  • (51:13) Increasing connection with nature, increases the sense of connection more broadly
  • (54:57) Longing is the first step to coming back into connection
  • (56:49) How to do a neurological reset (a technique for resetting the nervous system)
  • (1:02:42) Building relationships of deep connection with each other
  • (1:08:23) Connection with ancestry, dead loved ones, spiritual energies, and different generational perspectives
  • (1:20:14) Our shared  ancestral trauma of war
  • (1:24:23) Grief, grieving in community, and turning towards pain
  • (1:30:59) How we respond to a stubbed toe as an example of moving through pain
  • (1:35:00) Calling in “Reverence”
  • (1:36:37 ) Closing thoughts on the conversation from each guest



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