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Nov 19, 2021

Jesse Gould of Heroic Hearts Project is on the show for this episode to talk about his own battle with PTSD and his recovery through ayahuasca therapy. We also talk about the challenges of integrating back into civilian life after combat, the tragic mental health and suicide statistics amongst veterans, and the role Heroic Hearts Project is playing to help those veterans.

More than that though, Jesse and I speak about what it’s like as a soldier to find out that their government lied to justify the war they were traumatized by being in; the impact of military expansionism on the climate crisis; whether or not “the psychedelic cure” will be used by governments to justify continuing war; and, whether or not ayahuasca healing has any noticeable effects on one’s political stance on the military.

For links to Gould's work, full show notes, and to watch this episode in video, head to
***Full Topics Breakdown Below***


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Episode Breakdown
  • What is Heroic Hearts Project?
  • The mental health crisis amongst veterans
  • The two extreme realities of veterans’ life though
  • The challenges of becoming a civilian after being made a soldier
  • Jesse’s journey from the Military, through PTSD, and to ayahuasca
  • Harming and self-harming amongst veterans
  • The mismanagement of mental health care on behalf of the Veteran Associations
  • Jesse’s journey into ayahuasca and what he learned
  • A powerful story of a Veteran's transformation out of PTSD through ayahuasca
  • The crisis of meaning when a soldier learns that the reason they were at war was based on lies
  • Does ayahuasca change a veteran's perspective on the military-industrial complex?
  • Does ayahuasca change a veteran's perspective on the military, itself?
  • No, psychedelics do not fundamentally alter your political views or make you a better person
  • Responding to the ecological destruction of the military-industrial complex and military expansionism
  • Will “the psychedelic cure” for veteran PTSD be used by the military to justify continuing war
  • The shifting cultural tides in the USA regarding kinetic warfare
  • What Heroic Hearts is up to now (services and research)
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