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Feb 26, 2021

Akua Ofosuhene is on the show to discuss the role psychedelics can play in dismantling racism in society by helping us learn to let go of the conditioned beliefs we are taught to hold about race in general.

We also talk about how the dismantling of racism is actively harmed by the politics of outrage being carried into our personal relationships, and how getting beyond racism as a society can only truly come about in a cultural context based on the sacredness of the individual.

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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
Featured Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
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Episode Breakdown
  • Why it serves us to talk about racism with less trigger charge between us
  • How racism is at the foundation of capitalism
  • How colonialism creates the problems colonialism presents itself as being the solution to
  • How racism expresses the identity of both white people and black/brown people
  • Using psychedelics to dismantle and reject the title of ‘white’ in “white” people
  • The possibility of redemption requires a culture that allows for mistakes to be learned from and relationships that encourage that
  • The profound complexity of this process, and the importance of doing the personal healing work first
  • The importance of going beyond personal work
  • How we come together on social issues is important
  • Akua’s journey of Using Psychedelics To Dismantle Racism
  • Dismantling the “racist within” herself through psychedelic use
  • Narrative warfare, polarization, and being conditioned into a constant threat response
  • Using psychedelics to heal ourselves from feeling constant threat empowers us to create positive change
  • Psychedelics can help to heal polarized divisions,  but not by default. It has to be a choice
    Going beyond race
  • What it looks like to dismantle the racist within, both as a white person and as a person of color
  • Recognize even difficult, or seemingly self-limiting, transitions towards positive social change are steps towards that change
  • We are so much more than we currently believe ourselves to be
  • What does it look like to actively stand up to racist institutions as a person of color?
  • Summarizing the conversation so far
  • Do protests actually create change?
  • Why Akua is skeptical of aligning with BLM as a response to racism
  • What does it look like to actively stand up to racist institutions as a white person?
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