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Jun 1, 2024

Nolan Williams, MD joins to talk about brain injury, ibogaine, and the incredible results of his study (conducted at Ambio Life Sciences Center) on ibogaine for treatment of traumatic brain injury, "concussions" in particular.

We also talk about ibogaine as an oneirogen; the cardiac risks of ibogaine; how ibogaine compares to other treatments methods for brain injury, including other psychedelics; microdosing ibogaine for traumatic brain injury; and that ibogaine can seemingly “de-age” the brain.

Additionally, we talk about context vs pharmacology in the healing benefits of psychedelics; separating high-technology from time; and how and why using the vehicle of capitalism to fund psychedelic research may be a good thing. Enjoy


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Episode Breakdown

  • (00:00:00) Opening
  • (00:01:04) Dr. Williams' Bio
  • (00:04:15) Patreon Thanks
  • (00:05:51) Interview begins
  • (00:07:56) An explanation of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and their different severity—mild, moderate, severe
  • (00:13:49) The impact of TBI on the person and society
  • (00:16:33) Restoring brain function through psychedelics
  • (00:20:03) TBI is an “invisible injury” that can express a huge range of symptoms
  • (00:23:30) The substantial (but presently unknown) prevalence of TBI in society
  • (00:28:05) The Western history of medical ibogaine
  • (00:30:11) The pharmacological and psychological effects of ibogaine
  • (00:31:50) Is ibogaine an oneirogen? (splitters vs lumpers)
  • (00:34:10) Reducing stigma against Ibogaine by avoiding the term “psychedelic”
  • (00:37:32) It’s difficult to get approval for ibogaine research due to mortality risks
  • (00:39:03) The cardiac risks of ibogaine; how and why ibogaine can stop your heart—Torsades
  • (00:43:13) What inspired Dr. Williams to investigate ibogaine
  • (00:46:11) The details of the treating traumatic brain injury with ibogaine study
  • (00:50:55) The details of the treating traumatic brain injury with ibogaine study
  • (00:52:54) Why their study focused on Veterans
  • (00:56:50) Concussions are “mild TBI”; ibogaine treatment study was with people who had mTBI
  • (01:00:13) The incredible results of this study: a significant reversal of their disability status
  • (01:03:27) Context vs pharmacology in the healing benefits of psychedelics
  • (01:14:19) The ibogaine life review seems to happened regardless of context
  • (01:17:26) How ibogaine compares to other TBI treatments methods
  • (01:20:34) Ibogaine vs other psychedelics in the treatment of traumatic brain injury
  • (01:22:11) Are ibogaine’s effects a “random” result of evolution?
  • (01:24:57) What it is about ibogaine pharmacologically that makes it so effective for brain injury
  • (01:26:11) The key metaphor of ibogaine
  • (01:27:48) Ibogaine can “de-age” the brain
  • (01:32:51) Separating high-technology from time
  • (01:33:53) Using the vehicle of capitalism to fund psychedelic research is a good thing (?)
  • (01:38:19) Mircodosing ibogaine for traumatic brain injury
  • (01:43:01) What’s Next for Dr. Williams
  • (01:44:16) Follow-up links and Socials for Dr. Williams