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Jun 9, 2017

Episode Part 2/2

From the origins of life, through ancient human history, to the interplanetary future of humanity and everything in between.

"Bruce Frederick Damer, Ph.D. (born 31 January 1962) is a Canadian-American multidisciplinary scientist, designer, and author. Dr. Bruce Damer collaborates with colleagues developing and testing a new model for the origin of life on Earth and in the design of spacecraft architectures to provide a viable path for expansion of human civilization beyond the Earth."

This man's resume is extensive and beautiful. From helping to lay the foundations for multi-user digital interfaces in the early 90s, to designing spaceships for NASA, to bringing forth what is "perhaps the first "end-to-end" model proposed for life's origins." Not only that but he is also a strong, public supporter of the counter-cultural movement. Once personal friends, with Terence McKenna, Bruce is an incredible story teller and has come on the show for this special 2 part episode to share the story of the origins of life on planet earth, from start dust through the primordial soup and first homo sapiens all the way to dropping LSD at transformational music festivals.


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  • A complete model for the origins and evolution of life on planet earth
  • A poetic reference to the world of the progenote, our common biological ancestor 
  • How language and storytelling can immerse you in experience
  • Virtual reality storytelling environment (Android Jones' microdose and Duncan Trussell).
  • Psychedelics, magical spaces, and "endotripping".
  • The mystical experiences at the foundations of Western thought.
  • The corporatization of Christianity and the spread of the Pauline Christians.
  • Civilizational neoteny and the failures of conventional initiations.
  • An updated version of Terence McKenna's Stoned Ape Theory.
  • The Ground Truth.
  • An example of how radically human beings have permanently altered the planetary biome.
  • Will we find life on Mars? Why?
  • Space technology, biospheres, and the future sustainability of humanity.
  • Suppressed technology and how to navigate conspiracy theory.