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Oct 27, 2017

James Kent has been studying psychedelics for over twenty-five years. He was the editor of Psychedelic Illuminations Magazine, publisher of Trip Magazine, and founder of His book, Psychedelic Information Theory, is an examination of the physical processes behind psychedelic hallucination. His latest project is the final ten episodes of the DoseNation podcast, where he explores the darker side of psychedelics and the psychedelic community.

His 'Final Ten Episodes Of DoseNation' is an unapologetic and unbarred exploration of his questions criticisms, and exposures of the psychedelic culture from his 25 years of immersion and his first-hand experiences of psychosis, psychotic episodes, and even ketamine addiction.

I am happy to have him on the show to explore some of the themes of psychosis, psychotic episodes and delusional mania in the psychedelic community. This is not only because I consider them essential for the ongoing psychedelic discourse but because they have been personally impactful and helpful for myself.


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Episode Breakdown:

  • Where these ideas came from and why, despite years of keeping them private, he has chosen to go public with them.
  • The psychological implications of speaking out on unpopular ideas and perspectives.
  • How do you know if you have a "fragile psyche"?
  • Psychedelics, psychosis, psychotic episodes, and mania.
  • The European intellectuals and the purpose of psychedelics
  • Shamanism and delusional megalomania.
  • Ayahuasca: a ritualistic poisoning?
  • Similarities between ayahuasca dieta and cultural indoctrination or military brainwashing techniques.
  • Heart Of Darkness (ayahuasca edition)
  • Social displacement from psychedelic experiences.
  • The challenges of living in western culture post-transpersonal awakening. 
  • Trying to change the world. 
  • Loneliness in the psychedelic community.


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