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Sep 21, 2016

I am happy to introduce, Daniel Waterman. He is a philosopher, artist, writer, and Ayahuasca provider based in the Netherlands. He is also the author of Entheogens, Society & Law. 

Daniel and I met up in the Netherlands to record this conversation in his living room. The recording taps into the conversation just as Daniel begins to speak about the implications of a major turning point in his journey with Ayahuasca just after 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

Daniel carries the conversation in poignant and poetic forms from there as we touch on the larger context around his book Entheogens, Society & Law, death and rebirth, religious morals and ethics and their place in law, DMT entities and 'Meaning', E-Prime, and what it means to find relevant questions.

This is a beautiful journey with a very well-spoken and insightful man who has a lot to offer us. Enjoy.

(ep. originally titled "Entheogens, Society & Law")


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