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Aug 13, 2021

Amanita Dreamer is on the show to talk about her story of healing from panic and anxiety with the amanita muscaria mushroom. 

We also talk about the mushroom's pharmacology, safe preparation and use; and how (and why) it can help us heal from not only childhood trauma but pre-birth and infancy trauma by re-parenting us.

Finally, we talk about what it means to live traumatized in a traumatized and traumatizing world and how the amanita mushroom might help us discover, and build, a world that feels like a safe home.

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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • Introducing my own ignorance and resistance against amanita muscaria
  • What is the amanita muscaria mushroom?
  • Amanita Dreamer's journey through healing anxiety, panic attack and benzo dependence with amanita
  • How finding Amanita in the forest saved AD’s life
  • The active metabolites of amanita are they toxic? And how are they different in their experience
  • Microdosing amanita is adaptogenic
  • Healing pre-birth and infancy trauma with Amanita Muscaria
  • Amanita is here to re-parent you | you are valuable
  • Infancy trauma and anxiety disorders in adulthood
  • Healing core wounds and become a truly human culture
  • The amanita spirits are the cultural elders here to bring us back to our humanity
  • Home is a place where you can exist without coercion
  • Home means traveling and celebrating together
  • Learning from the mushroom
  • The difference between psilocybin and amanita
  • Methods of amanita consumption | tea, smoking, microdosing, and macrodosing
  • What an amanita experience is like
  • Reviewing the psychoactive metabolites and metabolism of ibotenic acid into muscimol
  • The amanita sleep and why you don't remember
  • The other side of the trip
  • Trip sitting amanita journeys vs journeying alone
  • Smoking amanita muscaria and connecting with the ancestors
  • Microdosing amanita muscaria
  • How long does amanita tea last in the fridge
  • Censorship and mushroom content
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