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May 3, 2024

In this episode of the podcast, we explore the present day legal and political conundrum psilocybin mushrooms are facing as they sit on the verge of a significant change in their criminal status; the historical impact of mushroom tourism on the indigenous cultures that work with psilocybin; how that history is impacting those cultures today; and how all of this is influencing the complex political situation mushrooms now sit in the middle of.

Our guest is Mijal Schmidt.


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Episode Breakdown

  • (00:00) Opening
  • (1:44) Episode Sponsor:
  • (2:50) Patron Thanks
  • (3:35) Guest Bio
  • (4:44) Interview Begins
  • (6:40) The present legal/political landscape of psilocybin mushrooms in Mexico
  • (15:44) The involvement of indigenous peoples in the changing laws around mushrooms
  • (24:39) The conflicts that mushroom tourism has created between indigenous people and its impact on changing legislation
  • (37:39) What does it mean to be “poor” in a context of cultural richness
  • (43:51) The Mushroom Velada (indigenous mushroom ceremony)
  • (48:03) How the cultural context of mushroom use impacts what is offers the person taking them
  • (51:44) The modern “shamanic” traditions using psilocybin mushrooms in Mexico and the impact of mushroom tourism on those traditions
  • (58:53) The problems created by mushroom tourism in San Jose del Pacifico
  • (1:04:32) The potential spiritual extractivism of psychedelic tourism
  • (1:12:03) Doesn’t tourism—psychedelic and otherwise—offer economic benefits?
  • (1:19:30) The hope and the fear of what will come of the psychedelic renaissance
  • (1:30:28) The possibility of not knowing | asking ourselves what our healing is taking from others
  • (1:33:41) The limitations of me-focused psychedelic healing learning to think relationally
  • (1:37:47) Bringing play and joy back into life (and the conversation)
  • (1:40:50) Learning to think relationally
  • (1:43:55) What Mijal would like to see for the future of Psilocybin Mushrooms in Mexico
  • (1:53:10) Outro