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Jul 21, 2016

Another episode of ATTMind Radio has come to fruit and I am happy to announce the guest is Jef Baker.

From his bio:

Jef is a Cultural Studies and Communications graduate from Southern Cross University. His thesis ‘A Thread in the Vine-The Deep Ecology of Contemporary Ayahuasca Discourse’ played an important role in his rediscovering the plant medicine path. Jef’s research interests are now centred on exploring the ritual aspects of the psychedelic experience and how entheogenic plants inform people’s notions of self, agency, identity and community in postmodernity. A particular focus is how the integration process is critical in bringing about pragmatic change at the personal, cultural and social levels.

Jef Baker and I initially met online and when I was blessed with the opportunity to be in Sydney, Australia to give a talk for the Sydney Spore, he and I met up for falafel and conversation. Starting with a discussion around the underlying themes and conflicts within the larger online Ayahuasca discourse, we quickly transition into discussing the somewhat elusive puzzle of what it means to 'integrate' one's psychedelic experiences. In particular, we discuss the role of community engagement and the difference between a change in perspective and a change in behavior.


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