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Mar 15, 2020

A short audio update as well as some resource links.


Given the situation the world is in, it's necessary for us to talk about COVID-19. And, it is my responsibility, as a public figure, to share with you about where I am at with this as well as to share some reliable resources.

That is what this update is.
It lets you know where I am at with my perspective on the virus. It's about 12min long.

TL/DR: COVID-19 is very, very real and very, very serious and I am highly encouraging you to inform yourself and start practicing social distancing ASAP.



Here are some resources for you.

Things are changing every day at this point, although these links are a good place to get a sense of what's happening and why it is serious and why social distancing is important.

Here are some general pages regarding the pandemic.

Discussions can be had on the r/ATTMindPodcast subreddit


Keep safe and good luck, everyone.
<3 James