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May 20, 2016

So you want to be enlightened?

Well, here are 17 questions and answers about enlightenment from the professor, author, and host of The Entheogenic Evolution, Martin Ball Ph.D.

Unlike other episodes of the podcast, this is not an interview between Martin and I. It is a reading of one of his essays. It was initially released on his podcast a few years ago, which is where I first heard it. Unfortunately, when I tried to find it in order to share it with some friends, I found it out it had been taken down. I felt this an important piece of work and thus messaged Martin and was granted his permission to release it through ATTMind Radio. It offers some highly relevant, albeit tough to swallow, information for people in spiritual culture.

I was also given a bunch of Martin's artwork to play within the video. Although my video editing skills are amateur at best, his art is fresh. Enjoy the journey.


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