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Apr 12, 2019

Salvia Divinorum, apparently, is an under-explored wonder plant that has not only been misused and misappropriated but highly misunderstood. Thankfully, we have the knowledgeable and experienced contributions of Christopher Solomon to help us cast out those misunderstandings and enter us into the beautiful world Salvia Divinorum has to offer.

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***full topic breakdown below
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Episode Breakdown

  • a complete primer for Salvia Divinorum
  • the mysterious origins of salvia
  • the neuropharmacology of salvia
  • kappa opioid receptors activation
  • in-depth descriptions on the varieties of administrations and dosing of salvia
  • microdosing salvia
  • salvia therapy
  • using low doses for bodywork/physical healing
  • salvia for decision making
  • the therapist’s role in salvia therapy
  • listening beyond words, somatic, limbic resonance, and mindfulness as a salvia therapist.
  • “the same way you are experiencing salvia, salvia is experiencing you.
  • the levels of salvia intensity and their potential benefits
  • comparing 5-MeO-DMT to peak salvia experiences
  • salvia helps with integration
  • comparing salvia to other psychedelic therapies
  • salvia’s impact on trauma (somatic and psychological)
  • the Saliva Pipe
  • the phenomenology of different levels of salvia intensity
  • how to enter full salvia space in a comfortable way
  • the archetypes of the salvia experience from a therapeutic, navigational, and integration perspective
    • the zipper
    • the wheel
    • becoming inanimate objects
  • what salvia teach us about what’s “real” and what “real” means.
  • is salvia bringing us access to a “real” dimension, or is it just a metaphor?
  • how we help people recover from frightening Saliva experiences, and traumatic psychedelic experiences in general


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