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Jun 17, 2022

Martijn Schirp of Synthesis Institute joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to wonder with us about the potential harms that will come from the profit-driven industrialization of psychedelics and psychedelic therapy; how we might safeguard the sacredness of psychedelics and people seeking psychedelic therapy against those harms; and where and how he sees Synthesis Institute as attempting to do so.

We also talk about cultural maturity; the systemic issues that lead to broad-sweeping ill-health amongst modern people; why no, it’s not “just business”; psychedelics’ role in helping us to learn to be better people in uncertain times; indigenous issues, and our personal sense of where we land in the long history of colonial harms; and why choosing love ain’t easy, but well worth it. 


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Episode Breakdown

  • (0:00) Opening
  • (1:59) Overture
  • (4:28) Guest bio
  • (640) Support the show
  • (7:29) Interview begins
  • (7:48) What is (and what inspired) the Synthesis psychedelic retreat centre?
  • (12:39) The complex legality of psychedelics (psilocybin) in the Netherlands
  • (18:53) The impact of capital on the psychedelic space/industry
  • (26:42) How profit-driven management will impact people undergoing psychedelic therapy
  • (36:08) What is the proper container for holding the full depth of learning present in learning to institutionalize psychedelic therapy?
  • (38:08 ) Psychedelics’ role in being better people in uncertain times
  • (43:14) Further possible issues of psychedelic underground therapy in the growing industrialization of psychedelics
  • (46:01) Psychedelic therapy is expensive; who’s gonna pay for it?
  • (53:44) Cultural maturation | It’s safer to critique than to do the work
  • (58:28 ) Choose love. It ain’t easy, it’s but well worth it.
  • (1:02:06) Safeguarding the sacred through Steward Ownership
  • (1:10:53) How might Synthesis’ move to steward ownership positively impact the larger psychedelic space
  • (1:14:51) Why work towards greater ethics as a company, even though it might not succeed financially
  • (1:22:44) No, it’s not “just business”; how you use money is a reflection of who you are
  • (1:26:21) What is making us sick? | Systemic institutional change is needed to optimize psychedelic healing
  • (1:33:56) Addressing these questions in the context of indigenous issues
  • (1:43:02) Wondering about our place in the long history of colonialism
  • (1:48:20) Is the shadow of historical displacement and ancestral disconnection at the root of white nationalism?
  • (1:52:52) Compassionately wondering about the psychological impact of widespread displacement from heritage amongst Western people
  • (2:01:31) Information about Synthesis’ facilitator training course
  • (2:06:18) Synthesis’ new psychedelic retreat centre in Oregon, USA
  • (2:08:16) Follow up links
  • (2:11:20) Outro



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