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Apr 3, 2022

Dr. Darcia Narvaez joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to explore how early life experiences shape our morality and culture in adulthood and the kind of early life that leads to human thriving—what she calls The Evolved Nest.

We also explore the impact 10,000 years of unnested children is having on our psychology, our morality, and our civilization as a whole; how early life nesting experiences lead to what Narvaez’s calls Cycled Of Cooperative Companionship; and how the undercare of being unnested leads to Cycles Of Competitive Detachment—the cycle most of us are locked into now, a cycle that is definably unhuman. 

Furthermore, we explore what it means and what it takes to break that competitive detachment cycle and come back into healthy connection with ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown

(0:00) Opening
(1:48) Episode Overture
(7:09) Patreon Thanks
(8:05) Setting up for this episodes content
(11:03) The Nine Components of the Evolved Nest (see below for a list)
(22:12) The cycles of adult behaviour, culture, and child rearing echoing from the impact of early life experiences.
(27:08) Early life stress leads to self-centered morality in adulthood
(30:30) Early life “nestedness” leads to Cycles of Cooperative Companionship
(31:51) The early life experiences that lead to the Cycle of Competitive Detachment
(34:33) How the cycle of competitive detachment impacts the community
(38:18) Undercare of children leads to authoritarianism, tribalism, and supremacy in adult cultures
(46:13) North American culture raises of to be unhuman
(52:44) Connection is an essential nutrient and its deficiency creates a society of hungry ghosts
(57:00) The differences between how undercare impact males vs females
(1:03:46) The pandemic isolation has damaged our nervous systems
(1:05:35) It’s important to expand our sense of connection beyond our anthropocentric conditioning | Connecting with nature
(1:09:58) Are we really more busy than before, or just more inclined towards an anxious stress response
(1:11:47) Practices to increasing our sense of connection |
(1:18:02) The potential impact of psychedelics to increase our sense of connection
(1:21:36) The wellness-informed pathway vs the trauma-informed pathway
(1:24:18) My sense of the value of Darcia Narvaez’s work
(1:26:18) Links for further connecting with Dr. Narvaez
(1:27:22) Closing

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