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Dec 7, 2018

Erik Davis, writer and host of Expanding Mind podcast, joins us on the show to share what he sees are the essential skills we need to navigate the chaos of a reality liquified.

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  • Playing with chaos during festivals
  • Festivals to psychological growth psychedelic
  • A definition of objective reality
  • The dissolution of objective reality
  • What this looks like in the modern political world
  • The dangers and opportunities of a consensus reality liquified
  • Learning to centre in the chaos
  • The value of levelling-up your intellectual community
  • What psychedelic teach us to do cognitively
  • Flat earth as an example of falling into dangerously false conspiracy theories
  • Circular reasoning and The limitations of reasonable dialogue in breaking us out of our thought prisons
  • Become a sceptical animist
  • Safe consumption of digital media
  • Encouraging skills over claiming solutions


If you are struggling with a psychedelic encounter and would like an informed and listening ear, reach out.
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