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Jan 4, 2019

Today's guests for the podcast --- three female, underground psychedelic therapists from Canada --- are on the show anonymously to share their wisdom, experience, and knowledge of psychedelic psychotherapy. Specifically, we talk about psilocybin, MDMA, and 3-MMC assisted psychotherapy; their methodologies and practices; cautions and concerns; and an in-depth look at both what it is like and what it takes to be an underground psychedelic psychotherapist.

This is an episode for anyone interested in psychedelic psychotherapy be it as a current or future provider or someone who is seeking it for their own health and healing.

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  • What models of therapy are being offered and what substances are being used
  • How they decide what substance is best for each client
  • What are the differences in methodology for different substance?
  • Red flags
  • Does the therapist take the dose as well?
  • Who’s in the room? How many therapists, sitters, clients and why?
  • How to address panic and anxiety attacks during psychedelic sessions
  • Some cautions in finding a psychedelic therapist
  • Specific needs for providing psychedelic therapy to people in their sick time.
  • Death anxiety within psychedelic therapy
  • Providing psychedelic therapy to minors
  • Integration practices and perspectives.



If you are struggling with a psychedelic encounter and would like an informed and listening ear, reach out.
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