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Mar 15, 2019

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris heads the Psychedelic Research Group within the Centre for Psychiatry at Imperial College London. He joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to talk about the Entropic Brain (and mind) theory, complexity vs. order, the disproportionate representation of 'ego' consciousness in modern civilisation and its impact on the natural world, confirmation biases and misreporting in psychedelic science and, of course, how psychedelics work in the brain.


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Episode Breakdown

  • An introductory primer on the entropic brain theory
  • free energy principle, thermal dynamics, complexity science, and brain activity
  • LZ/complexity and the varieties of consciousness states
  • the importance of indexing the ‘mind stuff’ in psychedelic research
  • Natural language analytics, mental illness, and how we narratives our psychedelic encounters
  • primary and secondary states of mind, and
  • Brain development and comparing psychedelic mind to the mind of a child
  • ego consciousness, psilocybin, and the collapse of civilization
  • REBUS and the resistance of uncertainty
  • A little talk about trauma and psychotherapy
  • A discussion around ‘Is there a confirmation bias in psychedelic neuroscience?’
  • Deconstructing the fallacy of physicalist neuroscience
  • The (very specific) neuroscience of psilocybin
    • What psilocybin does when it gets into the body
    • the neocortex and serotonin receptors
    • psilocybin’s effects on neural cellular behaviour
  • Is psilocybin intelligent?
  • Mapping brain anarchy
  • What turns psilocybin into psilocin
  • Psilocybin effect on and in the gut (enteric brain)
  • Are there any genetic variations that could block psychedelics’ effects?
  • “There will never be an account of reality that will be absolute.”

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