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Apr 7, 2023

Bob Wold is from Clusterbusters Inc. He joins us on this episode of Adventures Through The Mind podcast to present cluster headaches, one of the most painful conditions known to humankind—their patterns, symptoms, and pathophysiology; as well as the treatments presently available, with a specific deep dive into psychedelic tryptamines as the most effective treatment discovered thus far and how those with clusters use those tryptamines.


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Episode Breakdown

  • (0:00) Opening
  • (3:13) Episode Overture
  • (6:42) Patreon Thanks
  • (7:58) Interview begins
  • (8:44) What are Cluster Headaches: patterns, symptoms, and physiology
  • (16:52) Cluster cycles | headaches returning every year at the same time
  • (20:09) Physiological causes and triggers
  • (24:40) The strain of clusters on family and relationships | The life-saving benefits of community
  • (29:24) Suicidality amongst survivors of cluster headaches
  • (33:24) Pathophysiology of clusters: trigeminal nerve and the hypothalamus
  • (36:34) The treatment landscape | medications and high-flow oxygen
  • (43:49) Lack of funding compromising research on cluster headaches
  • (48:55) The treatment landscape: opiates(e.g. heroin), caffeine, and aerobic exercises
  • (58:57) The history of psychedelic tryptamines for cluster headaches
  • (1:05:33) Psychedelic tryptamines are the most effective treatment for cluster headaches
  • (1:0911) Psychedelic tryptamines for clusters: dosage, efficacy, and protocol
  • (1:16:24) Why psychedelic tryptamines help cluster headaches
  • (1:19:10) LSA vs LSD vs Psilocybin for treatment efficacy
  • (1:23:10) Growing your own psychedelic medicine is revolutionary
  • (1:28:57) Advocation and education on psychedelic tryptamines for cluster survivors
  • (1:32:39) Novel psychedelics tryptamines for cluster headaches
  • (1:35:54) Conflicts between the DEA and research into new psychedelic treatments
  • (1:42:36) Clusterbusters: who they are, what they do, and how you can connect with them
  • (1:45:22) Outro



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