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Sep 16, 2022


This is both an explicit question and an implicit guiding inquiry in the discussion you will hear on this episode Adventures Through The Mind. Our guest is Jahan Khamsehzadeh, PhD. He is the author of The Psilocybin Connection: Psychedelics, the Transformation of Consciousness, and Evolution of the Planet—An Integral Approach.

Together we have a conversation that waves in and out from the microscopic to the cosmological. We explore topics such as

  • the role fungi have played and continue to play in the evolution and existence of life on this planet;
  • how psilocybin may have assisted in the development of human consciousness; the role psychedelics can play in cultivating a strong, but healthy ego;
  • why taking heroic doses is not the best way to heal or learn and it may actually hurt you;
  • why an understanding of psychedelics requires us to transcend reductionism and materialism;
  • and more.



For links to Jahan's work, full show notes, and a link to watch this episode in video, head to



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Episode Breakdown

  • (0:00) Episode Sponsor: 
  • (1:26) Intro & guest bio
  • (5:24) Patreon Thanks
  • (6:33) Interview begins
  • (8:15) Speaking about my own book with Jahan
  • (9:16) Participating in the wave of Psychedelic Culture
  • (13:17) Psychedelics actually grow the ego—for good and ill
  • (17:31) The Structure of Self, Life, and Reality
  • (19:11) Masculine and Feminine Energy | Archetypal Reality
  • (25:51) We are a symphony of selves, interpersonally and intrapersonally
  • (27:12)Psychedelic molecules and the evolution of Gaia Mind
  • (31:29) The damaging effects of failing to see the deep interconnection of life
  • (34:56) Why scientific materialism is inadequate to explain psychedelics
  • (39:38) Western reductionism is unable to see its own cultural frame of reference
  • (45:27) There is no “The” mystical experience | There is an infinite variability of Unity
  • (48:37) There is value in psychedelic experiences that aren’t “peak mystical experiences”
  • (50:55) The role of psilocybin in the evolution of human consciousness; the Stoned Ape Theory
  • (54:11) The role of fungi in the history of life surviving in the face of planetary crisis
  • (58:06) Without fungi, there would be no life as we know it on this planet
  • (59:52) The voice of the Mushroom; the voice of God
  • (1:02:41) The specific role that the psilocybin mushroom is playing in life and consciousness
  • (1:06:27) Taking heroic doses is not the best way to heal or learn, it may actually hurt you
  • (1:12:24) Stop worrying about having “the” mystical experience, there is so much more there for you
  • (1:13:39) The longing for belonging, Connection, and communion
  • (1:16:04) the root of depression is a lack of connection
  • (1:17:33) Disconnection beyond humanity
  • (1:20:38) Living awake and mature in a relational reality
  • (1:24:22) balancing care of self and service to others
  • (1:30:22) ADHD drove the evolution of human consciousness
  • (1:31:57) ADHD is not a cultural construct, it has a genetic basis that goes back thousands of years
  • (1:34:08) the evolutionary advantage of ADHD in early humanity; including being the first to eat psilocybin
  • (1:37:09) dismantling ADHD shame
  • (1:40:12) Psychedelics are helping resolve our crisis in perception
  • (1:43:58) Follow-up links
  • (1:44:53) Outro



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