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Nov 5, 2021

Dr. Monica Gagliano takes us on a deep dive into the results of her scientific research into plant intelligence. But she also shares the profound impact of her personal encounters with the living intelligence of the natural world, and what those encounters have revealed about herself, about life, and about the murderous consequences of modern scientific training.

We also explore definitions of intelligence and plant intelligence; the impact of anthropocentrism on our relationship to the natural world; listening to and learning from plants; and the role of altered states and psychedelics in our capacity to directly communicate with not only plants, but the intelligent life of nature itself.


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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • What is intelligence?
  • What is plant Intelligence?
  • Why we assume plants aren’t intelligent
  • Gagliano’s transformation away from “cold-hearted scientist”
  • How anthropocentric bias in Academia delegitimizes plant intelligence research
  • Plant bioacoustics and shamanic medicine songs
  • Voice, plant voice, and how we silence them
  • An example of listening to plants
  • Appropriation and the silencing of plant intelligence
  • The history of our enslavement to wheat
  • What if plants listened to plants as a “someone” and not a “something”
  • Slowing down and letting yourself be confused is a good thing
  • The role of altered states in communicating with and learning from plants
  • The psychedelic experience is happening all the time
  • The role of plant dietas in healing
  • Allowing our encounters with the natural world to become meaningful moments of learning and insight
  • What medicine means
  • A closing poem from The Spoke The Plant

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