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Mar 26, 2021

Heather Hargraves joins us to discuss using neurofeedback therapy to heal the brain and build a resilient nervous system.

We also talk about mental health disorders as an adaptive response of the nervous system, rather than a pathology. As well as where neurofeedback therapy fits in as an adjunct to psychotherapy in treat those disorders.

We also talk extensively about ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and brain health.

And, of particular excitement to you psychedelic-enthusiasts out there, we talk about psychedelic-informed neurofeedback. (Which is basically like using neurofeedback to encourage your brain to enter psychedelic-like states.)

For links to Hargraves's work, full show notes, and to watch this episode in video, head to
***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • What is neurofeedback and how does it work
  • Using neurofeedback to encourage homeostasis in the brain through progressive-overload exercise for the nervous system
  • Increasing communication, complexity, and relationship within the nervous system
  • Understanding mental health disorders as a product of nervous system adaptation rather than pathology
  • Technologically-augmented psychotherapy through neurofeedback
  • ADHD, relaxation-induced anxiety, and Heart Rate Variability (a neurofeedback perspective)
  • ADHD as a product of early-life head trauma
  • Using neurofeedback for training the brain into good mental and neurological health
  • Beyond neuroptimal
  • At-home Neurofeedback technology - pros and cons
  • Using neurofeedback therapy to treat chronic pain
  • Discovering psychedelic-informed neurofeedback
  • Combining psychedelic-induced neurofeedback with actual psychedelics
  • Using neurofeedback therapy to assist integration on the neurobiological level
  • Using neurofeedback and microdosing to repair brain damage
  • You need to change the microbiome to sustain changes in the brain
  • Early life trauma starts in the brain stem - A criticism of the polyvagal theory
  • Divergence Neuro–effective and affordable at-home neurofeedback headset
  • Using Neurofeedback and VR to create a Nexus5 (novel) experience
  • Having neurodivergent individuals in our communities is an important evolutionary advantage
  • “Maybe we’ve been hypnotized into pathologizing healthy responses to unhealthy systems”
  • Using neurofeedback and genomics to predict whether or not DMT will help treat addiction
  • Creating technology that works like mycelium
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