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Dec 23, 2022

Baba Masha MD joins us to present the results of her research into microdosing amanita muscaria mushrooms, the benefits and the risks, as well as what she learned about the ideal prepration and protocol.

In this episode of the podcast we first explore Masha’s journey of making a banned-podcast about psychedelics in Russia; being the first person to be public about consuming psychedelics in Russia; as well as the context of drug use and prohibitionist propaganda in Russia and it’s impact on public health. 

Masha then outlines the origins of her microdosing amanita muscaria study; where the data came from; the results; the potential influence of placebo effect; some nuances about the chemical compositions and pharmacology of amanita; and what her study revealed about the optimal dosing and preparation protocols for microdosing amanita muscaria.


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Episode Breakdown

  • (0:00) Opening
  • (1:47) Introduction
  • (6:22) Patron thanks
  • (8:45) Interview begins; The context for why Masha is in disguise
  • (11:34) Masha’s journey of making a banned-podcast about psychedelics in Russia; the first person to be public about consuming psychedelics in Russia
  • (16:36) The creation of Baba Masha’s amanita muscaria microdosing study
  • (21:57) The impact of Masha’s podcast in Russia, and why it got banned
  • (26:40) The context of drug use and prohibitionist propaganda in Russia
  • (29:34) The impact of Russian prohibitionist narratives on drug-induced anxiety/panic attacks
  • (36:03) General information about amanita muscaria
  • (41:37) The dangers of psychedelic doses on amanita muscaria
  • (55:39) The chemical compounds present in amanita muscaria—ibotenic acid and muscimol
  • (1:01:01) How the different ratios of ibotenic acid and muscimol effect different people differently (in microdosing)
  • (1:08:50) The best time of day to microdose amanita muscaria
  • (1:11:54) Microdosing amanita muscaria as an antidote to chemical dependence
  • (1:13:52) Topical amanita muscaria as a powerful anti inflammatory (1:18:56) Microdosing amanita muscaria effects on memory
  • (1:23:52) The potential placebo effect of microdosing amanita muscaria
  • (1:31:32) The optimal dosing protocol for microdosing amanita muscaria
  • (1:35:05) The optimal preparation of amanita muscaria for microdosing
  • (1:38:27) Smoking amanita muscaria
  • (1:39:24) Follow up links, social handles, and where to buy their book
  • (1:43:08) Outro
  • (1:43:53) Support the podcast



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