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Oct 12, 2018

In this episode, Christopher Bache and I explore the research and exploration that underpins Diamonds from Heaven: a twenty-year journey into 70+ high dose LSD experiences done with the explicit intent to map Consciousness.

We talk about why Bache chose this path, what it was like, and what here learned from it all about Consciousness, psychedelic consciousness, and what it means to be a finite human, nested in a complex web of relationships, defined by its dualist dance for meaning.

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***See below for full episode breakdown.


  • What led Bache to choose high dose LSD psychedelic exploration
  • The difference between 'psychedelic exploration', 'psychedelic therapy' and 'psycholytic therapy'
  • Describing the cycles of death and rebirth into higher levels of consciousness
  • Dying beyond the self, beyond the human, beyond time and space
  • Beyond the non-dual and into the diamond luminosity
  • Cleansing, suffering, purification, and ecstatic blessings’
  • What does it feel like to transcend time and space?
  • Is the non-dual experience of 5-MeO-DMT just a stepping stone to an ever larger reality?
  • Cultivating coherent cognition in increasingly higher states of consciousness
  • The difference between LSD and Psilocybin
  • Do the challenges of high dose LSD get easier over time?
  • What is “Deep Time”?
  • LSD’s lesson on the future of humanity
  • How Bache feels about death now, after all of these experiences
  • Why Bache stopped, the phenomenological dangers of continuous, long-term, high-dose LSD sessions
  • The impact of a deep psychedelic practice on our human relationships
  • Integration practices and how we integrate these massive, transcendental experiences

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