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Jun 7, 2019

Jennifer Dumpert, the author of 'Liminal Dreaming: Exploring Consciousness At The Edge Of Sleep,' joins us on the show today to offer an introductory primer on the hows and whys of liminal dreaming, the differences between liminal dreaming and other forms of dreaming, as well as the cross-applicable skillsets shared between dream-tripping and psychedelics.

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More options:
  • What is liminal dreaming and what does it offer us?
  • Sleep cycles, brainwaves, and dreams all the way through
  • Hypopompia vs hypnagogia
  • REM dreams, vs liminal dreams, vs lucid dreams
  • The continuity of consciousness through dream states
  • Myoclonic jerks and “falling” asleep
  • Harnessing cannabis induced REM rebound to enter sleep paralysis
  • Imagination as a faculty of perception
  • Autosymbolic phenomena
  • Liminal shamanism
  • The limitations of dream interpretations
  • A practice for harnessing hypnagogia for creative insight
  • The cross applicable skillsets between psychedelics and liminal dreaming
  • Oneirogens (compounds that help stimulate dreaming)
  • Dream-tripping
  • The liminal state during birth and death
  • Two practices for entering a liminal dream states