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Mar 1, 2019

Tom and Sheri Eckert join us to talk about their initiative to legalize Psilocybin services in Oregon (#PSI2020).

We talk about what they have accomplished and what's left to achieve on the road towards getting PSI on the 2020 ballot, the challenges they are facing in the process, and the visions of a potential future world where psilocybin is not only destigmatized but safely, and institutionally available for anyone who chooses to experience it.

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  • A primer on the psi2020 movement
  • Who will have access to these services
  • What about homegrown mushrooms or psilocybin possession?
  • A picture of a potential production and supply chain of psilocybin
  • How they are facing the continuing federal prohibition (drug war)
  • Federal drug policy reform
  • The possible dangers of big business and big Pharma
  • The compass pathways controversy
  • The highs and lows of the capitalist system in psychedelic culture
  • Is it wrong to charge money for these services?
  • What about subsidies for the economically vulnerable who need these services
  • The difference between psi2020 and the Denver initiative
  • The dark fantasy world of American drug law regarding psilocybin
  • How will future people look back on our choices now
  • What would a future world look like is psilocybin was socially destigmatized, and services for it are effectively institutionalized


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