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Jul 7, 2017

Tobias Ton is a Kambo facilitator based in Berlin, Germany. His work with the Amazonian 'frog medicine' takes a "more-therapeutic-than-traditional" approach as it is intended to specifically accommodate people living under the burdens of Western industrialized civilization.

He specializes in intensive one-on-one sessions and on the synergetic integration of various other healing modalities, addressing the underlying energetic issues that manifest as physical and psychological disease.He advocates a holistic and deeply spiritual understanding of Kambô that goes both beyond traditional indigenous cosmology and beyond the mechanistic interpretations of a supposed "frog poison vaccination". Instead, he recognizes it as the highly intelligent and deeply benign spirit of an animal that can generously impart its own strength, serenity and extraordinary capabilities of transformation.

Tobias is on the show for this episode to teach us all about Kambo, from the origins and biomedical science to the underlying spiritual root of disease Kambo helps to cleanse. Check below for a full episode breakdown and of course, please subscribe to the show!

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Episode Breakdown

  • What is Kambo?
  • The mythic and traditional Origins.
  • How it's used (traditional and modern).
  • The Kambo process.
  • Biomedical actions of Kambo.
  • Is it a poison?
  • The nonphysical root of disease
  • Tobias' unique practice.
  • My personal experiences.
  • Kambo, ayahuasca, and spiritual purification.
  • Animal vs. plant vs. fungi entheogens.
  • Physical dangers of Kambo?
  • The politics of Kambo
  • Could our society ever accept this?


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