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Nov 20, 2020

What is the best way to address both the acute and systemic problems present in psychedelic culture?

It's a big question, so we have invited a number of people to have a psychedelic café about it.

Our guests, (in alphabetical order according to their last name, excluding host James W. Jesso)

  • Marta Ketchmarchek, co-founder and coordinator of The Psychedelic Society of The Netherlands and Facilitator at Synthesis, a psilocybin retreat centre in Amsterdam
  • Trevor Millar, owner of Liberty Root therapy, Chair for MAPS Canada, and on the founding board of the Canadian Psychedelic Association
  • Jeronimo MM, member of ICEERS, which is the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research, and Service
  • Anya Oleksiuk, psychedelic documentary filmmaker co-owner and co-director of The Psychedelic Society UK
  • Brian Pace, the politics and ecology editor for Psymposia and lecturer of psychedelic studies at Ohio state university
  • Mareesa Stertz of Film maker and co-founder of Lucid News
  • Bett Williams, author of The Wild Kindness: A Psilocybin Odyssey
For links to our guest' work, full show notes, and to watch this episode in video, head to
***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • How psychedelic exceptionalism informs how we think about bad actor's in the scene
  • The importance of community to resource people addressing conflicts and harm in psychedelic culture
  • Introducing Psymposia and their perspectives and approach to addressing problems in the culture
  • Introducing The Canadian Psychedelic Association and the value of community
  • Creating events to help discuss serious issues psychedelic culture is otherwise bypassing
  • Wondering about whether or not psychedelics should be held as part of a public politic
  • Why anti-rival maturity is vital for actual progress in culture, psychedelic and otherwise
  • Introducing the Netherlands’ Guild of Guides and how they are dealing with bad actors
  • The psychedelic industry is being led by huge players of corporate Influence
  • Can the psychedelic experience help us change the business of psychedelics?
  • What comes after the end of prohibition and how do we get there?
  • Positive peer pressure and becoming a community that forwards culture towards the future we want to see
  • The psychedelic community is not "one" community, so how do we work together?
  • How the forces at work with colonialism are the same forces shaping the modern psychedelic industry through corporate influence
  • The value of working where you can work rather than trying to work everywhere
  • Optimism VS naiveté
  • How distorted exceptions causes those “doing their best to do better” to get torn down for not already being perfect
  • Medicalization is NOT access
  • Capitalism and climate change
  • Not letting ourselves get manipulated into tearing down the lowest hanging fruit
  • Will the psychedelic industry actually be profitable?
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