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Nov 23, 2018

This episode not only discusses the power of psilocybin to help us develop the skill of confident vulnerability but also what such a psychedelic lesson might mean for masculinity in the cultural context of inner-city Detroit.

To take us through this discussion, we welcome Ser Moudou Awa Balla Baqui, aka Baba Moudou Baqui, a lifelong citizen of Detroit's Highland Park and third generation metaphysician.

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  • Moudou’s journey from Martial arts to psychedelics under the guidance of Kilinid Iyi
  • Teaching people to fish as a metaphor for helping people with psychedelic competence.
  • The trauma of the war on drugs in Detroit communities
  • The (potential) role of psilocybin in the poor and oppressed communities of Detroit
  • Sacred plants for healing the wounding of men
  • Differentiating masculine and feminine from man and women
  • The impact of psilocybin on the violence of crime-heavy black neighbourhoods of Detroit
  • What changes are happing in people with psilocybin that results in the resolution of trauma and reduction of violence
  • The power of vulnerability to heal and of healed wounds to empower us
  • The unique and life-ligating bond of sharing sacred psychedelic space
  • The vital importance of courage and vulnerability in our troubled times
  • The power of feeling pain without attacking and how a lack of such power results in harming our children
  • Learning not to force people into a better life
  • Moudou’s healing journey during his father death
  • The role Moudou’s psilocybin journey helped him with the grief of his father’s death
  • The importance of gathering together to learn.


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