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Sep 24, 2021

Shelley and Charley Wininger join us to tell a story of great loss, one that provides the context to wonder about the potential of group MDMA experiences for grief and the recently bereaved, as well as questions about death and dying, feeling safe to be vulnerable, and the profound healing of togetherness in times of great loss. ...

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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • The relevant background of Charley & Shelley’s relationship and community
  • The story of the death of Shelley’s son
  • Their yearly group roll
  • The MDMA grief circle
  • Shelley sharing during the MDMA grief circle
  • "I never want to go to a conventional wake again”
  • The muting of emotions during modern funerals
  • Feeling safe to feel the full pain of grief
  • MDMA and learning to feel safe to be vulnerable
  • Integrating MDMA into community grief processes
  • Grieving the loss of safety and connection
  • The MDMA middle way
  • The MDMA experience is a holy space of profound togetherness and Love
  • How MDMA impacted Shelley’s grieving process
  • Learning to be wrecked on schedule
  • Openly crying gives others permission to touch the tears in themselves
  • Feeling safe to feel with MDMA
  • Charley checks in with me
  • The integration of a group MDMA grief circle
  • Generational differences in stigma against MDMA

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