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Apr 23, 2021

Chris Bache PhD has previously been on the show to talk about his work with high dose LSD journeys, out of his book LSD and The Mind Of The Universe. In that book, he discusses visions he had of ‘the birth of the future human’ emerging out of the incredible suffering and challenges of a total, global collapse.

In this interview, Chris outlines why and where he sees this collapse as already having begun and what his LSD journeys into ‘deep time,’ the collective suffering of all humanity, and divine encounters with oneness have revealed about what it will take for humanity to make it through collapse into the future anew. A spiritual approach to the crisis of global collapse.

For links to Chris' work, full show notes, and to watch this episode in video, head to
***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • Going even deeper into the mind of the universe
  • The pandemic is only the begging of the global collapse that’s coming
  • What we are learning during the current global crisis we are in
  • Its ego that built our culture
  • We need to learn how to not turn away from our pain, personally and collectively
  • Doing shadow work for the collective
  • Suffering and shadow work in acute time and deep time
  • “A mature spirituality doesn’t take us away from the challenges of the world.”
  • One of the greatest risks of psychedelic work is ego inflation (integration)
  • What does it mean to be a good person, psychedelically?
  • How to show up as a good person through integrating a mystical experience
  • How to live spiritually without isolating from the challenges of the world
  • Is it foolish to think that we are actually doing “good”?
  • The balance of free speech in the context of doing spiritual good
  • The forced radical reassessment of all our truth claims
  • It’s grow up or die time | global collapse is here
  • The mode of inquiry is as important as the content
  • Why we need to step outside of social media
  • What life is like when it is lived in intimacy with the mind of the universe
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