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Sep 28, 2018

Patrick Kroupa joins us to talk about what it was like for him in the 90s, in New York City, as a part of the heroin culture. He also shares with us his journey from addiction to recovery through the use of ibogaine, as well as his role in bringing ibogaine treatment for heroin addiction to the worldwide scene.

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  • Pre+ Internet Computer hacking and phone phreaking in 1980s New York City
  • Patrick's first heroin dose at 14 years old
  • The gradual path to addiction 
  • Heroin's teaching about detachment 
  • The left-hand path of tantra 
  • When heroin was cool 
  • What took Patrick from controlled use to deep addiction to ibogaine 
  • What heroin detox feels like
  • Why ibogaine? 
  • What an ibogaine detox feels like 
  • The genesis of microdosing ibogaine 
  • Risk profile of microdosing ibogaine 
  • What to do after using ibogaine for resolving addiction
  • The origins of the modern opioid epidemic 
  • Any regrets? 
  • The medicalization of ibogaine 

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