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Dec 8, 2017

There are drugs in the bible and the most high were getting really high on 'em.


So what if I were to tell you that the ancient Israelites upon which these the religions are based were a cult of desert pagans following the wisdom of shamans who used plant-based concoctions in hallucinogenic rituals to induce altered states of consciousness; and that the very structure of those religions today are based on clandestine distortion of the original teachings in order to disconnect the populous from direct connection to the divine in order to establish and maintain sociopolitical control?

That is what the guest for this episode of Adventures Through The Mind, Reverend Danny Nemu, is here present a case for.


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Episode Breakdown

  • What drugs are in the bible and where you can find them.
  • Aphrodisiacs and sexual promiscuity in the bible.
  • The different names (and personalities) of God.
  • The presence of DMT-containing Acacia across the folklore of ancient Israelites and the Egyptians.
  • A breakdown of different psychoactive concoctions in the bible and their pharmacological effect, including:
    • The Holy Anointing Oil.
    • Manna.
    • The Showbread.
    • The incense used in the holy tabernacle.
  • The origins of The Old Testament and the modern bible.
  • How and why the biblical texts have been clandestinely modified.
  • The anarchistic beginnings of Christianity and how the Israelites became monotheistic (they weren't originally).
  • The ontological necessity of the physical resurrection of Christ for maintaining political and societal control hierarchy within Christianity.
  • What this all means for the average person today.




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