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Apr 10, 2020

Francoise Bourzat joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to discuss the Mazatec mushroom tradition and her decade-long journey bridging indigenous wisdom with the western tradition while apprenticing under traditional mushrooms curanderas. She joins us to help us better understand the wisdom of the sacred mushrooms and how we might deepen our relationship with them.

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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***


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Episode Breakdown

  • What is different about Francoise's approach to healing with psychedelics and expanded states of consciousness
  • The cultural loss of focusing too much on the psychedelic experience itself
  • The value of using psychedelics and expanded states of consciousness for personal transformation
  • Applying the holistic model for a balanced life to psychedelic healing
  • The central importance of nature wisdom in the Mazatec tradition
  • The role of spirits in Mazatec mushroom healing
  • You have to come with a question for the mushroom to 'doctor' you
  • "when the mushroom takes residence in you"
  • The mushrooms are more than tools; they are a living entity
  • Everything exists in relationship
  • We and the mushrooms share the same mother
  • The inherent wisdom of the mushroom and how to awaken it
  • The relationship goes both ways; "The mushroom gets to know you"
  • Does ketamine or MDMA have an intelligence?
  • The space the MDMA creates in us is a holy space
  • Legacy of use is important, but anything that opens a holy space within us is deserving of relationship
  • What about people who take mushrooms and still embody hate and violence?
  • Shadow work with sacred mushrooms can get ugly
  • What it means to metabolize the shadow
  • The role of Compassion and self-compassion in deep healing with mushrooms
  • Repairing the broken bonds between parents and children
  • The Mazatec's cultural perspective on avoiding sex and mushroom healing
  • Bourzat's perspective on Sex, and psilocybin and psychedelics in general
  • Sexual healing during a psilocybin mushroom ceremony
  • The stages of psychedelic integration and what practices fit best during which stages
  • The vital importance of embodying our psilocybin lessons.
  • The role and importance of community in psychedelic integration




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