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Dec 12, 2016

Welcome to the show, Sobey Wing. 

I left it to Sobey, by his request, to introduce himself during this show and so I will leave the same here in regards to the content of the show:

"We will examine moving from complicit behaviors in systemic racism, environmental racism that could be examined and confronted with consciousness and heart-centered accountability, particularly in the above cultures. Ultimately we will look at how to center and support indigenous-led front lines that need us to stand together for the water and future generations in Standing Rock and all lands and waters threatened by corporate greed and governments."

This show was the first, and likely only, live episode of the podcast. I say "only" because the video quality does not meet the standards of this show.  However, the audio is fairly good, so no loss on the gems Sobey offers us in this one.

Full Show Notes:

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