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Dec 21, 2018

According to today's guest, Tom Hatsis, Santa is not a mushroom shaman, Jesus was not a mushroom, and Christianity is not hiding a giant secret inside the biblical texts about the true hallucinogen at the root the religion being an amanita muscaria.

But, therein lies a whole different set of questions: What is the actual history of Santa Clause? Who was Jesus? What drugs were Christians actually taking? (cause they were getting HIGH and spoke openly about it). What is the real history of Christmas, the nativity, and the holy mushroom?

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  • Why Santa clause was not a mushroom shaman
  • The holy mushroom conspiracy
  • The origin of red and white of Santa's outfit
  • The history of old holiday card with elves and mushrooms
  • St Nick had shamanic powers, but Santa and st nix aren't the same historical entity
  • The origins of the holy mushroom conspiracy
  • The historical roots of Christmas
  • What were people getting high on during historical Christmas?
  • Drug use in early Christianity was open and condoned
  • The different psychedelic Christian cults and how they used their sacraments
  • How we got from free-range psychedelic Christianity to the narrow-minded abstinent Christianity of today
  • Christian appropriation of pagan traditions and paul’s invention of a psychedelic eucharist
  • Did Jesus get high?
  • How Christianity conquered so many traditional cultures
  • What made Jesus any different from all the other Hebraic radicals alive at the time
  • Pauline Jesus vs Gnostic Jesus
  • How the Nativity got associated with Christmas and why those aren’t mushrooms in old Christian art
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