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Jul 30, 2021

Danny Nemu is on the show to talk about Science Revealed, the failures of our scientific institutions, and their unreliability as proxies for sensemaking reality. 

We explore the question: Can we trust science?

***Interview recorded April 29, 2021

(This is a weird interview because there are several moments where my—I personally consider valid—inclination to push back against certain statements revealed myself as being somewhat wrapped in ideological assumptions and juvenile reactivity... It was an interesting learning experience for myself...

That being said, Danny and I continued to have a thoughtful and respectful conversation and one that I hope you will appreciate.)


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***Full Topics Breakdown Below***
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Episode Breakdown
  • “It’s been a very interesting pandemic”
  • does peer-review science actually create change (focus on cannabis legalization)
  • Censorship in peer-review science (especially medicine)
  • Close-mindedness and rationalism in scientific institutions
  • Is science (actually) self-correcting?
  • Science as a force of colonialism
  • Is science (actually) self-correcting? pt.2
  • Grasping for theories and anti-science
  • Conspiracy theories, mythic truths, and propaganda
  • Debating covid narratives
  • Viruses are information
  • What is Covid revealing to us about ourselves?
  • The damage caused by the prevailing human superiority complex
  • The world is sick and we are in crisis
  • Science and learning to know less
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