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Nov 9, 2018

Bernhard Guenther joins us on Adventures Through The Mind to talk about the 'topic of all topics', the hyperdimensional ecology of entities that influence human life. Furthermore, he takes a deep look at the actual legitimacy of psychedelic 'healing', and its potential dangers insofar as false dawn syndrome, spiritual bypassing, and entity attachment or possession.

Despite how far out these topics may seem, I don't doubt you will find some deeply grounded and practical perspective in this interview, especially in regards to the modern ayahuasca-healing movements


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***An important Update regarding problematic claim made against Guenther***



  • Bernhard's journey into and out of deep psychedelic work
  • False Dawn Syndrome and spiritual bypassing
  • The role and limitation of psychedelics in the path to enlightenment
  • confusing shamanism as being fundamentally related to medicine plants
  • the ‘topic of all topics’ - spiritual entities
  • hyperdimensional warfare and ayahuasca
  • Has ayahuasca been hijacked by evil forces?
  • Different forms of knowledge, going beyond the rational
  • Embodiment as a path of enlightenment
  • Society’s obsession with “male energy”
  • Ancestral healing through embodiment



Piercing The Viel Of Reality 

This is Bernhard Guenther's website. It is a wide-ranging collection of essays, films and interviews, ranging from spirituality, shamanism, psychology, self-work, esotericism, history, to the paranormal and hyperdimensional realities. See here for his healing work.


If you are struggling with a psychedelic encounter and would like an informed and listening ear, reach out.
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