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May 11, 2018

Tom Zembrzuski, aka Your Mate Tom joins us for this episode of Adventures Through The Mind to talk about his journey from a psychedelic champion and youtube celebrity to a man traumatized, live on youtube, by the very substances he once promoted.

We talk about what inspired him to produce psychedelic content on youtube, the process of getting internet famous, and the encounter with a timeless hell that sent him spiralling into post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Episode Breakdown
  • What Tom's first psychedelic experience offered his life
  • How and why Tom got into being a psychedelic YouTuber
  • How YouTube popularity influenced Tom's relationships to psychedelics
  • The post-ego-dissolution psychedelic ego trip
  • Tom's traumatic psychedelic trip and how it impacted his relations to life and to psychedelics
  • Coming to terms with our own darkness
  • How Tom's psychedelic trauma impacted his youtube content
  • Why keep drinking ayahuasca after it crushed you?
  • Tracking the emotional, psychological, emotional themes in order to integrate profound existential suffering
  • Using cynicisms, video games, and drugs to escape the reality of inner pain
  • Forgiveness and letting of bitterness and resentment
  • The impact of telling his youtube followers that he is renouncing psychedelics
  • The importance of talking about the negative potentials of psychedelics
If you are struggling with a psychedelic encounter and would like an informed and listening ear, reach out.
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